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Guitarist Kelly Carmichael to release new Hard Rock album entitled ‘Heavy Heart’.  It’s been 14 years since his daze recording with Internal Void and Pentagram, and aside from his solo Olde-Tyme/Roots-Blues releases this is his first return to volume induced heavy rock.

In the first 3 cuts alone, Carmichael serves notice to the heavy music world that his absence is no longer a consideration. “Shadows Will” is dark & timeless, it’s doomy riffs & keys ringing with the tone of something that would be at home on the Italian Black Widow label. “Desires Tragedy” takes a different tack. The instrumental intro reminds me of an upbeat morning hike down a country road until sharp turn at around 1:30 veers into a dark forest of urgent doom and unrest. By the time you get to the haunting yet gorgeous piano of “Soupers,” you know that Kelly is not only back at the wheel of doom, but he’s set the controls for it’s heavy heart, and originality is his co-pilot. Get ready for one helluva trip.


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