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Press Quotes for Queen Fareena


“Simply Syncopatingly Stunning! The truly great atmospheric mixture of racy, fast paced saucy Dixieland Jazz and Ragtime is wonderfully evoked; underpinned by rural folk roots that are more than liberally sprinkled with the lazy hazy untroubled air of turn of the century New Orleans.”
by Brian Harman (BLUES ART STUDIO)

"If you like your old-time blues salted with spirited musicians, arrangements and vocals, this should do the trick. Carmichaels makes it sound authentic and enjoyable at the same time."
(Pittsburg Post Gazett)

"If you are looking for something to finally clear away the winter blues, Kelly Carmichael's "Queen Fareena" could be just the ticket."
by Gordon Baxter (Blues in Britain)

"This integrated approach has rarely been used this successfully.  Los Lobos, The Band and Dylan's Basement Tapes come to mind.  This one is highly recommended for those who love American roots music and are on the look-out for something original and innovative, if not new under the sun."
by Terry Roland (TOLLBOOTH.ORG)

"Carmichael shows a total understanding of his chosen territory with a swinging prewar jazz hue, worthy of the Chicago scene of Benny Goodman, that is spiked with stunning tempo changes and dynamics. Music this uplifting and energizing should be dispensed like a tonic to a grateful public."

"This is a terrific record start to finish, and is so good it should easily cross genres – everybody’s gonna like it!"

“Carmichael is a master on both guitar and banjo and his warm, expressive vocals are ideal for the material.” “If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself listening to Queen Fareena over and over.”
by Graham Clarke (BLUESBYTES)

“This is 100% old-timey St. Louis / N'orleans stuff, with most of the tracks hand-picked from among some of the best the hoary estimables wrote…especially when they have a smart-ass slant to 'em.”

“His work on guitar and 6-string banjo here is majorly smokin’ and his vocals are a joy to behold, like Brian Setzer if he was born in 1930 and then got real, real good.”

“Genres like Cajun, country roots, ragtime & Dixieland explode into a Technicolor panorama.”
by Ray Dorsey (RAYSREALM.COM)

“This is simply a snazzy, off beat good time that takes you on a tour of America’s neglected back roads with the spirit of John Hurt leading the way. The open eared owe it to themselves to check it out.”
by Chris Spector (MIDWEST RECORD)

"The result is a strong blues recording with a real vintage feel to it, which makes you sit up straight and listen, because these guys are really good!"
by Freddy Cells (ROOTSTIME)